Aboriginal Youth Animation Project

Aboriginal Youth Animation Project

Sunday March 15,  6 pm Screens with Spirit of the Bluebird

The Studio, Theatre Junction GRAND  (606 1 St SW)


45 Minutes

A collection of brand new shorts created during the Quickdraw Animation Society’s 2013/2014 Aboriginal Youth Animation Project. Participants ages 18 to 24 learned animation techniques, and created films on issues related to youth, culture, and identity.

Featuring: Untitled (April Powder Face), Neighbors (Amber Two Young Men), Norre Athem Sacred of Dragons (Kelsey Two Young Men), Keena (Kes Left Hand), Body and Soul (Ben Pipe Stem), A Special Gift (Christian Boulet), Tales from the 7th Dimension! (Lane Ferguson), Spirit of the Bluebird (Xstine Cook & Jesse Gouchey).



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