Animating the Spirit

Animating the Spirit

Sunday, February 1 to Tuesday, March 31
Monday to Friday 10 am to midnight

Stride +15 Window Gallery
Arts Commons (Formerly the Epcor Centre for Performing Arts)
2nd Floor, 220 – 8 Ave SE


A mask is a vessel which may act as conduit for characters, spirits, and beings to visit. Using objects from Journey of Ten Moons, a Dell’Arte play about early explorers’ hubris combined with a Yurok legend, Xstine casts Coyote, the trickster, as the central hero and villain of this two month exhibition.

 Xstine Cook 

A puppet maker, theatre artist, community activist, and filmmaker, Cook studied mask and puppetry in Bali, Italy, France, and the West Coast of Canada. She is a Dell’Arte graduate and a founder of Green Fools Theatre and Calgary Animated Objects Society.


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