Thursday, March 12  9:15 pm

The Studio, Theatre Junction Grand (606 1 Street SW)

$15 regular / $10 members

60 minutes


Explore the mad world of offbeat and strange hand drawn animations from the 70s & 80s. We’ll bring the VHS player, you bring the acid wash jeans. (Or maybe just the acid).

Featured films: Make me Psychic (Sally Cruikshank), Skeletons & Autosong (Al Jarnow), The Doodlers (Kathy Rose), Tempting Fate (Susan Young), Asparagus (Suzan Pitt), Sunbeam (Paul Vester).

Carl Spencer

Carl Spencer is an artist and teacher whose past works have explored systems theory and Process Art through the use of video, sound, and projection, with a focus on the modification of electronic devices.

Animovies is part of Emmedia Production Society’s Homegrown Curator Series.



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