Handmade Puppet Dreams Volume VI

Handmade Puppet Dreams Volume VI

HMPD Volume VI Collection
Wed, March 11, 7 pm

85 min


The Studio, Theatre Junction Grand (606 1 Street SW)

$15 regular / $10 members/kids


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HMPD “Best of” Collection:

Wed, March 11, 9:30 pm (60 min) 14+

HMPD Family Collection:
Sun, March 15, 5pm (40 min)  All Ages

Curated by Heather Henson (USA), Handmade Puppet Dreams produces DIY puppet films focusing on real time puppetry performed specifically for the camera.

Heather Henson

The youngest of Jim and Jane Henson’s five children, Heather curates and distributes the HMPD film series, produces the annual Orlando Puppet Festival, creates original environmental theatre spectacles and has a variety of on-screen appearances in major movies. She’s also involved in Puppet Slam, an online networking resource connecting puppeteers and venues.

www. muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Heather_Henson   |   www.samkojihale.com  |   www.handmadepuppetdreams.com


Crane-and-Tortoise‘Crane and Tortoise’ Dir. Matty Sidle – “A crane and tortoise engage in a humorous misty spring duel in this production by Dragon Art Studio.”



Narrative-of-Victor-Karloch‘Narrative of Victor Karloch’ Dir. Kevin McTurk – “ Victor Karloch receives a journal from a colleague who is involved in a salvage operation for a series of missing sea freighters in the North Sea. Stock full of adventure , it features the voice talents of Elijah Wood and Christopher Lloyd.”



Round‘Round’ Dir. Kirk Hendry – “Forest animals face the greatest obstical of all, in this short by Serpico made entirely with multilayered Hand Shadow techniques.”




Genius-Knows-No-Formula‘Genius Knows No Formula’ Dir. Paul Andrejco – “While busy formulating his Miracle Elixir, the Doctor receives an emergency house call…”




Klonox‘Klonox’ Dir. Thomas Guerigen – “A group of military creatures come across a mysterious and seductive song in the desert.”





Cicada-Pricess‘Cicada Princess’ Dir. Mauricio Baiocchi – “Cicadas come out of the ground for a magical party at the end of their lives.”




Daniel-by-Deluxe‘Daniel By Deluxe’ Dir. Alexandre Vignaud – “In a western town, Bob Black seeks revenge for the death of his brother Billy, who was killed by Daniel the bounty hunter.”



Alien-Cow-Puppet-Show-Redux‘Alien Cow Puppet Show Redux’ Dir. Ronald Binon – “Strange things happened to a farmer and his cows.”





Strange-Condition‘Empra: Strange Condition” Dir. Oh Yeah Wow – “Three men all face similar conditions when abusing the natural world.”




Josaphine-and-the-Roach‘Josephine & The Roach’ Dir. Jonathan Langager – “A surreal, offbeat live-action short film about a cockroach who falls in love with the woman whose apartment he infests.”



All-This-Joy‘All This Joy’ Dir. Jesse Garrison – “This music video is an enthusiastic indie-folk tale about coming of age and living with spontaneity, courage, and hope. The creators incorporate elements such as puppetry, animation, and performance.




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